Our Products

Smart Contract as a Service (SCON)

Create, Customize and deploy your smart contracts with simple clicks as easy as shopping online. SCON is intended to support following Blockchains for Smart Contract Development

ETH   |   NEO   |  ERC20   |  Stellar   |  Wanchain  |  Hyperledger  

Easy to Setup, Easy to Use

Easily create your accounts and setup your smart contracts as simple as creating your profile on Facebook.

Your Contract Your Rules

Define your smart contract rules as simple as selecting various dishes from a menu

One Click Deployment on the Main Net

Deploy your smart contract on the main Blockchain with a click of a button, and see it getting LIVE.


Integrate your entire supply chain beyond just tracking the status of your goods, benefiting all the participants of your supply chain. Simple Javascript based SDK enabling any basic software developer to interact with Blockchain without any need to run complicated Servers for API and integration management

Electronic data sharing on Blockchain

Data duplication by various people on the blockchain is a common problem. Every customer and Supplier duplicates the orders being entered in their own systems.

Ledger Reconcilliation

Reconcile ledgers/accounts across various Customers and Suppliers in real-time. Thus removing the need for a repeated task of valuation.

Digital Invoicing & Settlements

Automate Invoice settlement and Working capital funding using smart contracts on Blockchain

Our Services

Blockchain Consulting

After a thorough analysis of your company based on your ideas and development, we provide you with world-class strategies and ideas to inculcate Blockchain technology to make you future ready. 

Private Blockchain Deployment

Providing Blockchain solutions, latest tools, and languages, Blockbrew will help you deploy the blockchain technology into your company.

Custom Business solutions on Blockchain

Every company has different requirements we will tailor make all the blockchain solutions as per your requirements and needs.

Centralized & Decentralized Exchanges

We have expertise in building a complete and reliable digital asset exchange both centralized and decentralized, to facilitate secure, easy, and fast transactions.

ICO Smart contract & Wallet development

We help you craft a functional and secure smart contract, be it for your utility token, token sale or for your unique decentralized system. Ensure the security of your cryptocurrency funds by storing them in a Wallet developed by us.

Crypto Payment Integration

We develop APIs that allows you to integrate and accept Crypto payments/fiat where the user can still pay in crypto of his choice using an Android app, IOS app, or any kind of internet-enabled device with an internet browser. 

Why Choose Us?

We Make Businesses of Today Ready for Tomorrow.

We work with you restlessly until we help you achieve the goal of your business. Our process of solution discovery and implementation is based on industries’ best practices backed by decades of Global experience.

We Evaluate

We evaluate your business goals and find the correct match to discover possibilities in the umbrella of Blockchain technologies.

We Conceive

We conceive an appropriate solution mock along with detailed Cause benefit analysis w.r.t ROI to your business for every solution we conceive in the direction of the business goals defined by you.

We Execute

We Execute the conceived solution with a POC before going full stream implementation to ensure our solutions move in the direction expected.

We Measure

We Measure the effectiveness and alignment of POC with your business goals before signing off on the POC and moving it for mainstream implementation and making it production ready.

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